Consultancy services and courses

Our Activities

Our team has a broad experience in searching for funding opportunities. We put together the most suitable partners and follow up the assembly and submission of a project proposal. Our consultancy service is a dedicated modular utility in the sense that one can choose singular modules among the proposed range of services. It is useful for SMEs, research centers, and public authorities.

We provide the following services:

  • Finding a suitable business opportunity through EU calls, procurements, grants and subcontracts that fit better the profile of your company and your needs. For example:

    An SME wants to go international, but lacks HR to spend time searching for business opportunities, and has a limited international network. We can do the search for you exploiting our international network!
    A national company providing products/services looking for tenders at the EU and extra-EU level. We can find the right tender!
    A small company that does not have financial means to participate in tenders but can provide services as a subcontractor. We can find suitable contracts!
    A public authority or an SME lacking an international office, which is interested in finding an H2020 call to develop its project. We can find the call best fitting your expertise!

  • Building the consortium finding the partners that best fit the project requirements; consortium agreement and non-disclosure agreement to ensure confidentiality; management of the communication flow between partners. For example:

    SMEs, research centers, and public authorities lacking expertise in looking for partners and assembling a consortium. By exploiting our network, we can support you in this difficult task ensuring a smooth communication between the involved partners.
    A company joining a consortium wants to be sure that its research and products will not be publicly disclosed. We can help you protecting your ideas!

  • Assembly, revision and proofreading and certified translation services of the project proposal and related regulatory documents. For example:

    SMEs, research centers, and public authorities need help in interpreting and assembling a correct and complete proposal. Don't worry, we assist you during the whole process up to the proposal submission!
    SMEs, research centers, and public authorities need to have certified regulatory documents (approvals from the Competent Authority (CA) and from Ethics Committee (CE)) translated into English, in order to participate in an EU call. We provide you with a certified translation service!

We also organize customized courses and seminars on funding schemes, projects, and proposal writing:

“Practical course on EU funding: analysis and writing a proposal together on the topic of your interest. ”

“Dissemination and communication: how to be effective.”

“Exploitation: how to reach the market.”

“Alternative sources of funding: crowdfunding and open innovation.”